Illyrian Bloodline is a unisex brand that aspires everyone to be able to wear the same designs if desired. 

Our Story

All I had was a dream and ambition. 

Illyrian Bloodline, representing the Illyrian culture from a different point of view. 

The famous Albanian Hip-hop artist and businessman Rigels Rajku known by his artistic name, Noizy, had for many years known that he would one day build something completely different from his music career. Exactly what that would be was even to him enigmatic at the time, but he envisioned creating a piece of art which would be comprehended and appreciated by all regardless of gender, age and whereabouts. It was after many years of performing and traveling the world, when finally in 2014 he realised that the lack of fashion-supplies in his home country was immense. His research confirmed that there was a loud demand on the market, which is why in 2015 he ended up founding Illyrian Bloodline; the very first Albanian Clothing Brand. He initially began gathering a team who could interpret and create clothing based on his visualiztions and concepts. He managed to hire a hand full of people to help him accomplish his aspiration. Team efficiency is king, thus the very first collection launched in Fall/Winter 2017 containing innovative garments such as the iconic long-fitted tee, the groundbreaking neon sweater and the washed out hoodie, setting the tone for upcoming collections. 

Born in Albania, raised in South-East London and currently living in a nomadic manner due to his music career, his personal style is eclectic to say the least. Nonetheless, he never lost track of his favourite street style
; the urban, sporty and relaxed; a style that has everyone feeling included whilst remaining unique. Illyrian Bloodline designs are just that, relaxed and urban-inspired perfectly composed to fit him and her regardless of shape.  

The board consists of four young and motivated members, who also work daily with various departments within the company. Noizy explains that ''for me, it's essential that I work hands-on with each project such as product-developement, designing, business strategies etc. to make sure that the aim is always towards the set vision''. Moreover, we understand that young adulthood is not completely hassle-free. In a world where employers only employ those with work-experience and upper academic qualifications, we strongly believe in the theory stating that one learns by doing. Therefore, it is a righteous necessity to us that we offer students seasonal work and part-time jobs, and our full-time workers a chance to bloom and excel based off individual achievements. We recognise hard work and are always pleased to see their growth at Illyrian Bloodline. We believe that a healthy work environment for the employees reflects directly on the customer experience. 


At Illyrian Bloodline we avoid mass production which is why all our products come in a limited quantity. This is a concept we strongly believe in as it benefits not only the company itself but the environment and modern consumer behaviour too.

For Illyrian Bloodline, it all starts with pre-production. This phase narrows down into several stages; fabric order, fabric development, pattern making and lastly sampling. Here, our team of designers and production managers work diligently to achieve desired designs. Once Noizy alongside our team of designers have approved of the product, production planning and finally cutting process begins. It is very crucial that quality controls are made before delivering products to our warehouses, to ensure our consumers high quality clothing.

Whilst a lot of clothing brands do not manufacture their own products, we make sure to do so. By participating in every part of the process, we are in charge of the quality and product development.
It is very important that our textile productions are carefully selected; assuring safe and reasonable work environments which align with our beliefs (Code of Conduct). As of right now (2023), our factories are based in Istanbul, T√ľrkiye. This allows our office to have close relations and pay frequent visits to our manufacturers, suppliers and their subcontractors.


In 2020, we began our journey towards sustainability. Sustainability is something we feel passionately about as individuals, as well as in a work capacity. We are always looking for ways in which we can do better: working on new technologies, signing contracts with productions that have sustainable workplaces, looking up new ways to work with recycled materials, going slower so we can create responsibility, and helping create new fabrics that our designers, as well as others in the industry, can work with in the future. It’s the right thing to do, both morally and commercially, and it's an approach that we’re committed to. Perhaps the greatest mission, as it is for us important to bring light to matters, in a terrority that approaches certain things not at all or very little. So far, older plastic containers have been replaced with cotton packaging, paper bags and non-plastic boxes made of 100% recycled materials. Our designs have also taken a more eco-friendly approach being put together with for example organic cotton, recycled cotton and wool. We have got a long road ahead of us and we feel the responsibility to learn as we go and make more environmentally conscious decisions in the future. 


We are thrilled to announce that since 2017, we have had over several tens of thousands happy customers and moreover an enormous Illyrian Bloodline tribe proudly wearing our designs around the globe. Our most important online KPI to track is our Repeat Customer Ratio which in 2022 was on a monthly average of 37.8%. A percentage point we are extremely humbled and motivated by daily. 


Today Illyrian Bloodline is available for purchase online, distributing worldwide and in 6 stores in the Balkan territory making it the largest retailer of its kind in Albania, Kosovo and North-Macedonia. 

The legacy of our ancestors, proudly distributed worldwide, today and forever, i lir√ę.¬†

Made With Love, Wear With Pride. 

Illyrian Bloodline